Frozen 5th Party Celebration

1 years ago

We just finished partying it up for my gal's 5th birthday! As with every other little girl her age, my Margo wanted a Frozen party. She loves all things Elsa, Anna and Olaf.  I knew what the main game plan was going to be, but we added some activities to keep the kids entertained. 

Frozen Gingerbread Castle    Marshmallow meringue

I love a good display, so the food had to be yummy!  We did Carrots for Sven, string cheese snowmen, melted snow water bottles, sandwiches, chocolates, cupcakes, and marshmallow snowflakes (meringue). 


party food


Our first activity was, of course making snowmen. I found an adorable party favor set that I broke up for an activity and then added to their gift bags. I pre-bagged them, so when the guests came, they could throw on their crowns or antlers and get to build a snowman. 


  Making snowmen

Our second interactive activity was making snow. I found some instant snow off Amazon. Just 2 oz. of water, and their little cups were filled up with fake snow. All the kids were amazing when it exploded out-they loved playing in it. I would absolutely suggest it be done outside-it got everywhere! We did portable cups with lids, so they could take it home-sorry parents. 

Playing in fake snow


After playing in the heat, we went inside for grub and gift opening. I think this lady had a super fun birthday. When you have 2 passed otu kids after the party, you know it was a good time! :)

Frozen party celebration    

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