Mini People Easter Egg Hunt

5 years ago

I don't know if you have ever gone to large city-sponsored Easter Egg Hunt or not, but if you have you have likely seen the big kids dominate (despite the potential for separate age groups competing) These infamous hunts that seems to mysteriously only take 5 minutes (or less) to complete when it took hours upon hours to create. It isn't always the big kids though that go home the victors. Sometimes it is the more athletic/confident/competitive kids that dominate the hunt, leaving the shy or overly polite children going home with one or two eggs, or nothing at all.  That wasn't happening at my house. 

I decided to throw a Mini person Easter Egg Hunt this year. Why? Because I wanted my 6 month old and 2 year old to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, and they wouldn't have stood a chance against other kids competing. My daughter would get gun-shy and let someone else take the egg, over herself. I wanted everyone who participated at our hunt to receive the same goodies to take home.

easter egg hunt

But how does one make sure everyone goes home a winner?  I bought 5 or so dozen eggs and labeled them with numbers 1-6. Each numbered egg contained a different candy or little prize (stickers/stamp/etc)  We put them out throughout the lawn and instructed parents and older kids they needed to find 6 eggs. Easy. 

easter egg party

A white tent was setup with some springtime yumminess-cucumber sandwiches, Ruby Snap 'Mia' cookies (the frozen kind you bake in the oven) water, and raspberry lemonade. The adults and kids could snack before, during, and after the hunt while they opened their eggs and the kids caught bubbles blowing out of the bubble machine. Each child took home a little vintage bunny box that would hold their 6 treats, in exchange for them returning their discovered plastic eggs. That way I could keep the numbered eggs for another year of hunting. Equal eggs for all-no one outshines another!

My biggest regret: having a bright green grass tablecloth that put my actual springtime grass to shame. 

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