Mini People Easter Egg Hunt-Year 2

4 years ago

It is that time of year again!  I was so excited to celebrate my babies and their pals this year, in a bigger and better Easter Egg hunt.  Back in March, I started putting together the guest take home bags and stuffed the numbered eggs with the appropriate prizes.

Easter eggs

We stuffed the take home bags with playdough, a sligshot toy, and a few candies that couldn't fit in your standard Easter egg (cough cough, suckers and Kit Kats). 

Easter bags

I decided to order some bunny ears this year, so the kids could feel a litle more mischievious on their quest to find their treasures! As soon as the guests came, they were invited to snag a pair of ears to put on. While people waited for the hunt to begin, they could snag a plate of goodies. We had a variety of options: Ruby Snap cookies, cucumber sandwiches, caprese skewers, Cadbury Blondies, fruit + dip, and of course-pixie sticks and Reese's Eggs. 

Easter Egg Hunt Party

A few months back, I painted a Peeps photo board for kids and parents to capture a fun moment of their little ones to take home. My Margo helped me paint the grass portion--she is a pro!  Of course, once we had finished the hunt, everyone could check out their riches and chow down on some grub. We had to have the bubble machine to get whatever remaining wiggles out. The bubbles were a hit-again. No surprise there!

One of the best parts about a Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt is that everyone went home with the exact same number of treats. It always feels good, knowing everyone went home a winner. And since i bought more sturdy tents for parties, the take down was a breeze. (which makes me all the more willing to throw a party)

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