Unicorn Pony Party

4 years ago

My little FOUR YEAR OLD (how did that happen?!) is obsessed with all things My Little Pony/Pegasus/Unicorn.  She asked for a pony party last year, but I had already planned a Sea Party. Lucky for me, her love has just continued through to this year!

party invitation

I made the invitation, using some free Shutterstock download images, with of course, My Little Pony font. 

We wanted to do some interactive stuff outside before coming in for lots of food. So outside, I painted a couple photo boards with some of her favorites--Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle that the kids could pop their heads through as they came into the party. 

Each kid got unicorn headband, and they could start on their craft. I found a darling activity online here. I purchased bleeding tissue paper, 5x7 canvas boards, and white crayons. Basically, each child would doodle an image with the white crayon onto the canvas. We would then spray the board and they could lay bleeding tissue paper over it. The colors would bleed and once it dried, it would be a stained glass effect. It was fun to see what each child ended up making!  Some gave up right away, while others got their hands completed stained. 

We also played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. I found an adorable free printable here. Most of the kids had never played pin-the-______ on the ______, so it was really fun to see most of them fail miserably. They may have been a little young to understand the concept. 

Once the kids were worn out, they came into the house for pizza and snacks. I made unicorn poops (merigues)-my first time making tri-colored anything. So it was an interesting learning experience. I made chocolate 4 suckers using a mold. There were cupcakes as well as Fruity Pebble treats. Everything on the goody table had to be colorful. Hello, ponies are around rainbows!

birthday treats

I made all the sweets, but the cake. I gotta get a break on something. Plus, mommy loves Fairifetti cake SO MUCH from Sweet Tooth Fairy, so they made the unicorn cake. I purchased the topper off Amazon. It was slightly cheaper than the one STF sells in their stores. The kids finished with cake and Unicorn Swirl icecream and opening presents.  My little unicorn princess had a blast and a half. All the work is 1,000% worth it, when she has a great time!  I loved prepping it and seeing her have fun just as much as my girl loved her friend party.

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