Conversation Hearts Project

3 years ago

Conversation heart decorations


I had such a great time working on these decorations, I can't even tell you!  I have been wanting to make these for at least 2 Valentines, and this year I decided to go for it. 

Step 1: Create a heart to trace. I found an image of a conversation heart online, then created a stencil with my Cricut Machine

Step 2: I went to pick up some large planks of wood at Home Depot to pick up a couple pieces. The HD team are so great and cut the wood planks down to 16 inch pieces-which was great, so I could fit everything in my suv to take home. 

Step 3: I used my stencil to trace 2 hearts to a 16 inch plank. The 2 planks of wood allowed me to make 24 hearts. 

Conversation heart traced wood

Step 4: Get them cut. I was so lucky to have a friend, who's dad had a bandsaw and cut them all down for me. 

wood conversation hearts

Step 5: Sanding--by far the worst part. Lots of hours of sanding was ahead of me. 

Step 6: Paint time! I usually did 2 layers or more (depending on the color of acrylic paint) per side. 

painting wood conversation hearts

Step 7: Created a bunch of stencils with different conversation heart phrases, again with my Cricut. I traced the phrases onto the hearts with a pencil.

Step 8: Carefully painted around the traced letters. Made sure to do two layers for solid coverage.

Step 9: Spray completed heart with finishing spray. 

FINAL STEP: decorate around the house and delivered the rest to friends and familly. They were a huge hit. They will make a great gift for my friends at the Palentine's Day dinner I'm throwing in a few weeks-as guest favors. 

Valentines home decor

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