Homemade PJ Masks Costumes

3 years ago

I LOOOOVE Halloween!  One of my favorite things about it is dressing up--especially with my babies. 

PJ Masks Costumes

My daughter has been into PJ Masks the last couple years and insisted on being Owlette, so PJ Masks it was!  Perfect fo the 3 of us. 

homemade owlet costume

I used an old animal costume pattern I had used before to make Cat Boy. They can make great onesie pjs after the holiday. I of course, had to remove my tail after. I used this pattern for the kids outfits. I did end up taking in some fabric from the patterns, because neither of my kids liked how baggy they were. I was there to oblige. 

I was so fortunate to have a sewing gooddess for a neighbor who had fabric medium paint that I borrowed. Basically, you just add equal parts fabric medium to any paint you'd like, to create the logos on our costumes. 

homemade Gekko costume

I used old masks and stretched fabric over them and glued, and painted the details on.

The kids loved being dressed up, especially our lady hero!  

trick or treating in costume 

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